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  • The Body Casing and Fittings we produce are designed according to the drawings of domestic and foreign customers, OEM/ODM suppliers, according to the specific requirements of customers (assembly, performance, life, corrosion resistance, etc.) to select the appropriate process and materials (currently the main materials are: Casting aluminum alloy) or customer specified materials for production and processing, currently do not have their own design patents and brands, currently only with domestic and foreign enterprises supporting machinery and equipment supply, we look forward to more supporting new customer inquiries and cooperation, become a long-term partner!

  • Forging Process is one of the two components of forging (forging and stamping), in which forging machine is used to press metal billet to produce plastic deformation and Electric Power Fittings so as to obtain forging with certain mechanical properties, shape and size.
    According to the way the blank moves, forging can be divided into free forging, upsetting, extrusion, die forging, closed die forging, closed heading forging. 1.Free forging. Use the impact force or pressure to deform the metal between the upper and lower iron (anvil block) to obtain the required forgings, mainly manual forging and mechanical forging two kinds.
    2.Die forging. Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging. The metal blank is obtained by compression deformation in the forging die bore of a certain shape, which can be divided into cold heading, roll forging, radial forging and extrusion, etc.
    3, closed die forging and closed heading forging because there is no flying edge, the utilization rate of materials is high. It is possible to finish complex forgings with one or several processes. Since there is no flying edge, the forgings have less force area and less load required. However, it should be noted that the blank can not be completely restricted, so it is necessary to strictly control the volume of the blank, control the relative position of the forging die and measure the forging die, and try to reduce the wear of the forging die.

  • Connecting rod bushing & Rubber bushing or rubber bearing as a shock absorber is widely used in automotive chassis, mainly concentrated in the engine, transmission, drive shaft and frame or body connection, as well as suspension system. The main function is to attenuate the vibration transmitted to the body by the engine, drivetrain and road surface, which can greatly improve the NVH performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the study of mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics of rubber components has very important significance, bushing production and research and development has accumulated many years of experience, from the process, process, quality control and raw materials and other aspects of the formation of a certain standard and management!
    We have:
    Rubber material formulation design
    CAE finite element analysisv
    Spectrum signal processing capability
    Mold design ability
    Structural forward development capability
    General sealing technology

  • The METALLECA® Auto Accessories are widely used in construction machinery and mechanical parts, especially in the automotive industry. A vehicle requires tens of thousands of screws in different conditions and functional requirements. For this reason, to meet the excellent of vehicle performance and safety has to choose appropriate material and rational design (shaped structure). It improves the comfort and safety of driving and control as well as provides excellent assistance. The growth development of intelligent and technology is requirement of all kinds equipment relatively increasing in today’s world. To enhance efficiency and reduce costs (automation instead of labor), the demand for equipment is increasing, in addition its supporting fastener products will also increase. From long term perspective, we are full of hope for the future of fastener products. Since our country joined WTO in 2001 and became a major trading country, our fastener products are exported to various countries in the world and imported into the Chinese from all over the world. Fasteners are one of the products with a large import and export volume in my country. It is great practical and strategic significance to promote Chinese fastener companies to the world, to full participates international cooperation and competition, and to be in line with international standards.

  • Our company is an OEM/ODM supplier. Our METALLECA® Body housing and fitting joints of the production can be customized according to requirement of domestic and foreign customers. Production would follow customer’s specific requirements (assembly, performance, life, corrosion resistance, etc.) to select the appropriate processes and materials (mainly used casting aluminum alloy). Otherwise, the production and processing are based on the customer specification. We specialize in producing unpatented products and do not have our own brand. At present, we supply for supporting machinery and equipment to domestic and foreign customers only. We look forward to more inquiries and cooperation with new customers to become long-term partnership.

  • METALLECA® Mechanical Equipment Exhaust Pipes made in China are mainly used in agricultural machinery, automobiles, and construction machinery. They need to have good heat dissipation and sealing properties for the function of exhausting gas, purifying exhaust gas, reducing noise.
    The materials of Mechanical Equipment Exhaust Pipes are no longer limited to the steel and pig iron on the market. The thin and light stainless steel and titanium alloys have gradually replaced pervious materials. Our company supplies the material of aluminum alloy in current.

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