Car Chassis

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  • Connecting rod bushing & Rubber bushing or rubber bearing as a shock absorber is widely used in automotive chassis, mainly concentrated in the engine, transmission, drive shaft and frame or body connection, as well as suspension system. The main function is to attenuate the vibration transmitted to the body by the engine, drivetrain and road surface, which can greatly improve the NVH performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the study of mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics of rubber components has very important significance, bushing production and research and development has accumulated many years of experience, from the process, process, quality control and raw materials and other aspects of the formation of a certain standard and management!
    We have:
    Rubber material formulation design
    CAE finite element analysisv
    Spectrum signal processing capability
    Mold design ability
    Structural forward development capability
    General sealing technology

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