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  • METALLECA® Shell of Gas Cutting Machine are mainly used in gas cutting machine and laser beam cutting machine. Cutting machines are widely used in various industries, especially in modern innovation manufacturing that accelerates market demand. For this reason, the demand of cutting machine related parts and components has gradually increase.

  • We produce METALLECA® blower impellers that are matched with blower housings. All of them are required by the same customers. The materials used for blower impeller in the market are no longer limited to the steel or pig iron. Our production of blower impeller is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel, since the characteristic of lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloy is gradually used in current. Blowers are widely used for ventilation, dust exhaust and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships, and buildings. For example, ventilation and induced air for boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning and household appliances; grain drying and selection; wind tunnel and hovercraft Inflation & propulsion, etc. The blower housing is asked to show high specifications in appearance, performance, assembly and other aspects, regardless of the general requirement. There is a rigorous production process from blank to machining process. In the casting process, we focus on mold design, pouring temperature, aluminum and molten steel clarity (exhaust gas, slag removal), pouring speed, blank surface treatment. In the manufacturing process, we also consider the rationality and stability of fixture design, the machining precision of critical dimensions, the rationality of turnover (method, protection, etc.), and the standard packaging and pallet methods to the final shipment.

  • The effect of METALLECA® Car Chassis Suspension Aluminum Swing Arm Bracket are to prevent the rod twist when the horizontal height of the left and right wheels is different. The balance bar creates roll resistance that inhibits car body rolling. In other words, the balance bar does not work when the suspension of the left and right syncs up and down. The balance bar only works if the left and right suspensions are caused by incongruous movements because of undulating or turning over bends on the road surface. The intelligent and mechanized of automobile manufacturing industry has been rapid developed in recent years. Especially with the rise of new energy vehicles and domestic brands, the demand for auto parts will be growing in the market. In addition, the quality, price and service of the auto market will face huge challenges.

  • METALLECA® Motor accessories are widely used in generators and motor series. The output power of motors varies from 1KW to 20KW, and the material of the housing is no longer limited to the steel and pig iron as the past. The thin & lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloys are more popular than before. However, our production is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel. The housing of the motor has a protective effect and functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special models of motor housings also have functions with heat dissipation or sound insulation.

  • The nameplate is an installed mark on machines, instrumentations, motor vehicles, etc. with the name, model, specification, date of manufacture, manufacturer, and so forth. It provides manufacturer's trademark identification, brand differentiation, and product parameter inscription when the product is released on the market and fixed brand information. The nameplate is used to record technical data of the manufacturer and specified working conditions to make sure use appropriately without damaging the equipment.

  • The METALLECA® rubber coated drive wheel is the general term of many mechanical parts that can change the scope of physical movement. The most important function is to change the force, torque or speed by combining a drive wheel set of more than two different diameters wheels. At present, the materials of drive wheel are no longer limited to the steel, pig iron, but aluminum alloy and plastics gradually also occupy in the market.

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