Low Pressure Casting

The company has many years of Low pressure casting production experience. The company adheres to people-oriented, strives for survival by quality, takes customer demand as the business goal, and steadily expands the domestic and foreign markets with a pragmatic attitude and good service.

Low pressure casting refers to the casting method that the mold is generally placed above the sealed crucible, and the crucible is filled with compressed air to cause low pressure (0.06 ~ 0.15Mpa) on the surface of molten metal, so that the liquid metal rises from the riser to fill the mold and control solidification. This casting method has good feeding, dense casting structure, easy to cast large, thin-walled and complex castings without riser, and the metal yield is 95%. No pollution, easy to realize automation.

At present, the company's Low pressure casting are mainly supporting parts such as box, shell and impeller blade, which are exported to Europe, America and other countries, and cooperate with domestic well-known enterprise lzzg!

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  • METALLECA® Mechanical Equipment Exhaust Pipes made in China are mainly used in agricultural machinery, automobiles, and construction machinery. They need to have good heat dissipation and sealing properties for the function of exhausting gas, purifying exhaust gas, reducing noise.
    The materials of Mechanical Equipment Exhaust Pipes are no longer limited to the steel and pig iron on the market. The thin and light stainless steel and titanium alloys have gradually replaced pervious materials. Our company supplies the material of aluminum alloy in current.

  • METALLECA® Outdoor LED lamps do not only include light sources, but also the parts and components of fix and protect the light, as well as wiring accessories are necessary for power connections. Because of continuous development of the illumination industry, the classification of lamps is becoming more and more meticulous. The outdoor LED lamp is a kind of lighting that is widely used. Outdoor lamps are generally illuminating lamps exposed outdoors. The lamps can be designed and installed combination of the surrounding roads, landscapes, and buildings to achieve the unity of its functionality and artistry.

  • METALLECA® Motor housings are widely used in generators and electric motor series. The power of motor is range from 1KW to 20KW. The materials of the housing are no longer limited to steel and pig iron as in the past, then the thin and lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloy are also more popular. Our production of motor housing is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel. The housing of the motor has a protective effect and functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special models of motor housings also have functions with heat dissipation or sound insulation.

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