Transmission machinery accessories

The material classification of transmission machinery accessories produced by our company can be divided into several types, such as iron, aluminum, steel, etc. the manufacturing process adopts five processes: sand casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, die casting and investment casting. The specific process qualitative selection is to select a reasonable production process according to the customer's technical standards.

Transmission machinery accessories have high requirements in appearance, performance and assembly. For our semi-finished products (blank + machining), whether from mold design, pouring temperature, cleanliness of aluminum and molten steel (exhaust and slag removal), pouring speed, treatment of blank surface, rationality and stability of processing fixture design, stability of key processing dimensions The rationality of turnover (mode, protection, etc.), reasonable and standardized packaging and supporting mode, etc. until the final delivery mode, are a set of strict production processes!

We are OEM suppliers, mainly used in construction machinery, transmission machinery, starting equipment, power generation equipment and other supporting equipment, which are exported to Europe, America and other regions! Welcome to buy Transmission machinery accessories from our factory.
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  • METALLECA® Motor accessories are widely used in generators and motor series. The output power of motors varies from 1KW to 20KW, and the material of the housing is no longer limited to the steel and pig iron as the past. The thin & lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloys are more popular than before. However, our production is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel. The housing of the motor has a protective effect and functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special models of motor housings also have functions with heat dissipation or sound insulation.

  • The METALLECA® rubber coated drive wheel is the general term of many mechanical parts that can change the scope of physical movement. The most important function is to change the force, torque or speed by combining a drive wheel set of more than two different diameters wheels. At present, the materials of drive wheel are no longer limited to the steel, pig iron, but aluminum alloy and plastics gradually also occupy in the market.

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