The company has many years of forging production experience. At present, it is mainly committed to the forging process of aluminum alloy materials. The company has several hydraulic presses and rolling presses of different tonnage and supporting heat treatment electric furnaces! The company adheres to people-oriented, strives for survival by forging quality, takes customer demand as the business goal, and steadily expands the domestic and foreign markets with a pragmatic attitude and good service.

Our forged parts have the advantages of beauty, light weight and corrosion resistance, which makes them widely favored by users. Especially since the automobile lightweight, cast aluminum alloy castings have been widely used in the automobile industry. At present, our main products are automobile chassis, suspension support, balance bar and scooter bottom plate

We are an OEM supplier. We have cooperated with GM, Ford, Volkswagen and other large automobiles. We are a good forging supplier!
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  • Forging Process is one of the two components of forging (forging and stamping), in which forging machine is used to press metal billet to produce plastic deformation and Electric Power Fittings so as to obtain forging with certain mechanical properties, shape and size.
    According to the way the blank moves, forging can be divided into free forging, upsetting, extrusion, die forging, closed die forging, closed heading forging. 1.Free forging. Use the impact force or pressure to deform the metal between the upper and lower iron (anvil block) to obtain the required forgings, mainly manual forging and mechanical forging two kinds.
    2.Die forging. Die forging is divided into open die forging and closed die forging. The metal blank is obtained by compression deformation in the forging die bore of a certain shape, which can be divided into cold heading, roll forging, radial forging and extrusion, etc.
    3, closed die forging and closed heading forging because there is no flying edge, the utilization rate of materials is high. It is possible to finish complex forgings with one or several processes. Since there is no flying edge, the forgings have less force area and less load required. However, it should be noted that the blank can not be completely restricted, so it is necessary to strictly control the volume of the blank, control the relative position of the forging die and measure the forging die, and try to reduce the wear of the forging die.

  • The effect of METALLECA® Car Chassis Suspension Aluminum Swing Arm Bracket are to prevent the rod twist when the horizontal height of the left and right wheels is different. The balance bar creates roll resistance that inhibits car body rolling. In other words, the balance bar does not work when the suspension of the left and right syncs up and down. The balance bar only works if the left and right suspensions are caused by incongruous movements because of undulating or turning over bends on the road surface. The intelligent and mechanized of automobile manufacturing industry has been rapid developed in recent years. Especially with the rise of new energy vehicles and domestic brands, the demand for auto parts will be growing in the market. In addition, the quality, price and service of the auto market will face huge challenges.

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