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  • The METALLECA® Hand Held Impact Hammer Aluminum Shell are machines used in the construction and engineering industrial. There are composed of three parts: head, impactor and handle body that main technical feature is hydraulic oil or compressed air as the working medium. The cylinder of hammer bears differential alternating oil pressure, constant pressure or air pressure to cause the hammer periodic reciprocating movement.

  • Our company is an OEM/ODM supplier. Our METALLECA® Hydraulic Valve Body Connector can be customized according to requirement of domestic and foreign customers. Production would follow customer’s specific requirements (assembly, performance, life, corrosion resistance, etc.) to select the appropriate processes and materials (mainly used aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel). Otherwise, the production and processing are based on the customer specification. We specialize in producing unpatented products and do not have our own brand. At present, we supply for supporting machinery and equipment to domestic and foreign customers only. We look forward to more inquiries and cooperation with new customers to become long-term partnership.

  • Our company, OEM/ODM supplier, produces METALLECA® Automobile Pump Accessories Housing for automobile needs. This kind of housing is asked to show high specifications in appearance, performance, assembly and other aspects. There is a rigorous production process from blank to machining process. In the casting process, we focus on mold design, pouring temperature, pouring speed, aluminum clarity (exhaust gas, slag removal), blank surface treatment. In the manufacturing process, we also consider the rationality and stability of fixture design, the machining precision of critical dimensions, the rationality of turnover (method, protection, etc.), surface treatment method, the standard packaging and pallet methods to the final shipment.

  • METALLECA® Outdoor LED lamps do not only include light sources, but also the parts and components of fix and protect the light, as well as wiring accessories are necessary for power connections. Because of continuous development of the illumination industry, the classification of lamps is becoming more and more meticulous. The outdoor LED lamp is a kind of lighting that is widely used. Outdoor lamps are generally illuminating lamps exposed outdoors. The lamps can be designed and installed combination of the surrounding roads, landscapes, and buildings to achieve the unity of its functionality and artistry.

  • METALLECA® Harvester Accessories are applied in agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery is rapid widespread and obviously improvement the efficiency of agricultural production. The rapid development of agricultural mechanization is one of the important characteristics in modern agriculture. Especially, the modern intelligent manufacturing has accelerated agricultural mechanization, modern agriculture, and agricultural production to meet market demand. Therefore, the production of harvester and related machinery parts are gradually increasing in demand.

  • The METALLECA® Medical Device Accessories need high quality requirements for materials, surfaces and dimensions. Chinese proverb: a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. With the rapid development of medical device technology, the demand for medical device precision stamping parts is increasing. At the same time, the technical requirements are getting higher, and the applications are getting wider. Basically, stamping parts appearance has to zero defects. For this reason, a standardized manufacturing process to ensure quality is necessary. We focus on the selection of raw materials, mold requirements (design, material selection, surface cleanliness, dimensional accuracy, service life), the precision accuracy of stamping equipment, production efficiency, protective turnaround, post processing, surface treatment, packaging methods, etc.

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