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We are an excellent Chinese manufacturer of Machinery parts. The Machinery parts produced every year are sold to Europe, America, the Middle East and other countries. With the purpose of providing high-quality products and services, we continue to expand the global mechanical parts market.

Machinery parts are everywhere and can be used in auto parts, industry, shipbuilding and other industries, such as excavator lining plate, excavator bucket teeth, (rubber coated) transmission wheel, etc. mechanical parts can be customized according to customer needs.

We have a complete supply chain of mechanical parts, which can complete the project in a short time and submit samples to customers for confirmation.
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  • Connecting rod bushing & Rubber bushing or rubber bearing as a shock absorber is widely used in automotive chassis, mainly concentrated in the engine, transmission, drive shaft and frame or body connection, as well as suspension system. The main function is to attenuate the vibration transmitted to the body by the engine, drivetrain and road surface, which can greatly improve the NVH performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the study of mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics of rubber components has very important significance, bushing production and research and development has accumulated many years of experience, from the process, process, quality control and raw materials and other aspects of the formation of a certain standard and management!
    We have:
    Rubber material formulation design
    CAE finite element analysisv
    Spectrum signal processing capability
    Mold design ability
    Structural forward development capability
    General sealing technology

  • METALLECA® Motor accessories are widely used in generators and motor series. The output power of motors varies from 1KW to 20KW, and the material of the housing is no longer limited to the steel and pig iron as the past. The thin & lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloys are more popular than before. However, our production is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel. The housing of the motor has a protective effect and functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special models of motor housings also have functions with heat dissipation or sound insulation.

  • The METALLECA® rubber coated drive wheel is the general term of many mechanical parts that can change the scope of physical movement. The most important function is to change the force, torque or speed by combining a drive wheel set of more than two different diameters wheels. At present, the materials of drive wheel are no longer limited to the steel, pig iron, but aluminum alloy and plastics gradually also occupy in the market.

  • METALLECA® Bucket Teeth of Excavator is required high performance and assembly. There is a mature standardized production including production, manufacturing and control processes from blank to heat treatment. In the casting process, we focus on mold design, pouring temperature, iron and molten steel clarity (exhaust gas, slag removal), material chemical composition, pouring speed, blank surface treatment and dimensional stability of assembly. In the heat treatment, we also consider mechanical properties of heat treatment, anti-rust treatment (such as painting), and the standard packaging and pallet methods to the final shipment.

  • Construction site machinery is widely used in demand, construction machinery including to forklifts, shoveling and transporting machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery and METALLECA® Excavator Liner.
    The development of technology and infrastructure is rapid in the world and the national in the 21st century. Especially, real estates and national major projects (such as new energy and hydropower stations) are also growing at the same time. All the constructions create market demand for related industries and raise the need of construction machinery. For example, heavy mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, industrial and mining vehicles, cement equipment, etc.

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