Carbon Steel

The company is a supplier specializing in metal parts manufacturing (including non-ferrous metals), including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. Complete manufacturing process, with an experienced technical management team!

Carbon steel accessories have certain requirements for assembly and performance. The final surface treatment method is generally black plastic spraying, so the surface of the casting blank must be relatively smooth and free of casting defects such as pores, pits, lack of material and cracks, which are closely related to the temperature and cleanliness of molten aluminum, pouring speed, exhaust, sprue system design, etc! Through years of experience, we have been able to control it well! Our carbon steel products are mainly divided into: pipe body, pipe joint, auto parts, engineering machinery parts and power parts. The comprehensive level of products: beautiful, accurate size, excellent performance, long service life and other advantages!

We are an OEM supplier of carbon steel products. We have cooperated with large brand companies such as GM, Ford, Komatsu and Carter. We are a good supplier of metal manufacturing carbon steel. At present, our supply market is exported to Europe, Africa and America!
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  • The METALLECA® Auto Accessories are widely used in construction machinery and mechanical parts, especially in the automotive industry. A vehicle requires tens of thousands of screws in different conditions and functional requirements. For this reason, to meet the excellent of vehicle performance and safety has to choose appropriate material and rational design (shaped structure). It improves the comfort and safety of driving and control as well as provides excellent assistance. The growth development of intelligent and technology is requirement of all kinds equipment relatively increasing in today’s world. To enhance efficiency and reduce costs (automation instead of labor), the demand for equipment is increasing, in addition its supporting fastener products will also increase. From long term perspective, we are full of hope for the future of fastener products. Since our country joined WTO in 2001 and became a major trading country, our fastener products are exported to various countries in the world and imported into the Chinese from all over the world. Fasteners are one of the products with a large import and export volume in my country. It is great practical and strategic significance to promote Chinese fastener companies to the world, to full participates international cooperation and competition, and to be in line with international standards.

  • The METALLECA® Medical Device Accessories need high quality requirements for materials, surfaces and dimensions. Chinese proverb: a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. With the rapid development of medical device technology, the demand for medical device precision stamping parts is increasing. At the same time, the technical requirements are getting higher, and the applications are getting wider. Basically, stamping parts appearance has to zero defects. For this reason, a standardized manufacturing process to ensure quality is necessary. We focus on the selection of raw materials, mold requirements (design, material selection, surface cleanliness, dimensional accuracy, service life), the precision accuracy of stamping equipment, production efficiency, protective turnaround, post processing, surface treatment, packaging methods, etc.

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