Lamps And Lanterns

The manufacturing process of Lamps and Lanterns shell produced by our company adopts four processes: sand casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, die casting and so on. The specific qualitative selection of process is to select a reasonable production process according to the customer's technical standards. Outdoor LED lamp shell is widely used for road lighting in factory roads, highways at all levels, urban trunk roads and other places. It has high appearance and performance requirements. We have been committed to lighting lamp shell in various industries for many years with wide coverage!

The Lamps and Lanterns shell has high requirements in appearance, performance and assembly. For the semi-finished products (blank + machining), whether from the design of mold, pouring temperature, cleanliness of aluminum and molten steel (exhaust and slag removal), pouring speed, treatment of blank surface, rationality and stability of processing fixture design, stability of key processing dimensions The rationality of turnover (mode, protection, etc.), reasonable and standardized packaging and supporting mode, etc. wait until the final shipping mode! LED lamps are widely used, which can meet various design styles and market needs of customers, and have a long service life. The shell is made of high-quality aluminum by die-casting process. After surface corrosion resistance treatment (such as plastic spraying, oxidation, etc.), the lamp body is beautiful and beautiful, with excellent heat dissipation. The supporting lamp surface is made of tempered glass to ensure the excellent waterproof performance of the lamp, The light source of the lamps adopts ultra bright high-power LED beads, and the built-in current limiting driving power supply ensures the stable performance of the lamps.

At present, the LED Lamps and Lanterns housings produced mainly cooperate with well-known customers at home and abroad, and have long-term and stable supply. We have rich experience in the control of production process and quality standards. We look forward to more inquiries and cooperation from new customers and become long-term partners!
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