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Motor Housing

METALLECA® Motor housings are widely used in generators and electric motor series. The power of motor is range from 1KW to 20KW. The materials of the housing are no longer limited to steel and pig iron as in the past, then the thin and lightweight stainless steel and aluminum alloy are also more popular. Our production of motor housing is made aluminum alloy and common carbon steel. The housing of the motor has a protective effect and functions as a component mounting frame. In addition, some special models of motor housings also have functions with heat dissipation or sound insulation.

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Product Description

High quality METALLECA® Motor Housing is offered by China manufacturer Ningbo Yinzhou Kuangda Trading Co., Ltd.. Buy Motor Housing which is of high quality directly with low price."To achieve zero faults via continuous improvement, to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations, to make pledges we fully understand and think we can keep, and to keep all commitments to customers on schedule," is our guiding concept.

Motor Housing of Manufacturers

1. Motor Housing Introduction 

There are several materials of METALLECA® motor housing are classified iron, aluminum, steel, etc.
The manufacturing of the motor housing is adopted five kinds of casting processes: sand casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, die casting, investment casting.
The process selection of specific qualitative is based on customer's technical standards, and then selects the reasonable production process.
The motor housing is asked to show high specifications in appearance, performance, assembly and other aspects, regardless of the general requirement.
There is a rigorous production process from blank to machining process.
In the casting process, we focus on mold design, pouring temperature, aluminum and molten steel clarity (exhaust gas, slag removal), pouring speed, blank surface treatment.
In the manufacturing process, we also consider the rationality and stability of fixture design, the machining precision of critical dimensions, the rationality of turnover (method, protection, etc.), and the standard packaging and pallet methods to the final shipment.

2.Motor Housing Parameter (Specification)

Production Process




sand casting

ASTM A356.2

Equipment lightweight

Good heat dissipation

Well sound insulation

Car generator

Water pump motor

Hoisting Machinery

Construction machinery

Diesel generators

gravity casting

low pressure casting

die casting


investment casting


Low cost

Not easily deformed







3.Motor Housing Feature And Application

Regarding to the type of power supply, it can be divided into DC motors and AC motors.
Electric machinery is that electromagnetic device implements the electric energy conversion or transmission according to the law of electromagnetic induction.
The circuit alphabet M (D as old standard) of the motor is represented generation of driving torque which is used as a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery.
Furthermore, the circuit alphabet G of generator is represented to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Motor applications are quite extensive. For example, the low voltage below 48V applications have battery car motor, toy car, model airplane, electric shaver, etc. The applications of 110V & 220V have fan, hair dryer, treadmill, soymilk machine; medium voltage 380V & 660 have elevators, water pumps, conveyor, etc. The high voltage 6300V & 10000V applications have drainage pumps for drainage pump stations, air compressor motors for coal mines, etc.
Usually, the material of the motor housing is selected cast iron for the large one, and aluminum alloy for the small one.
Generally, gray cast iron is used. The gray cast iron can be divided into three kinds of material for motor housing: gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, and ductile cast iron. All of them have advantages of low cost and not easy to deform.

4.Product Details

Production Process: sand casting (aluminum/iron)/gravity casting/ low pressure casting/ die casting + machining + surface treatment.
Materials: aluminum alloy:ASTM A356.2/ADC12/A380/HT200/QT400
Surface treatment: shot blast, spray paint
Surface requirements: customize


5.Product Qualification

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Product photo:

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6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving

Transportation: by sea, by rail, by air
Shipping: pallets (plywood or fumigated wood), wooden case + lid + carton + corner protector + PE film
Delivery: FOB Ningbo or Shanghai recommend


Workshop photos: Machining equipment, Pouring & Die Casting

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