Connecting Rod Bushing
  • Connecting Rod BushingConnecting Rod Bushing
  • Connecting Rod BushingConnecting Rod Bushing
  • Connecting Rod BushingConnecting Rod Bushing

Connecting Rod Bushing

Connecting rod bushing & Rubber bushing or rubber bearing as a shock absorber is widely used in automotive chassis, mainly concentrated in the engine, transmission, drive shaft and frame or body connection, as well as suspension system. The main function is to attenuate the vibration transmitted to the body by the engine, drivetrain and road surface, which can greatly improve the NVH performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the study of mechanical properties and fatigue characteristics of rubber components has very important significance, bushing production and research and development has accumulated many years of experience, from the process, process, quality control and raw materials and other aspects of the formation of a certain standard and management!
We have:
Rubber material formulation design
CAE finite element analysisv
Spectrum signal processing capability
Mold design ability
Structural forward development capability
General sealing technology

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Product Description

The function of automobile rubber bushings(connecting rod bushing) is to connect the subframe and body, reduce fatigue damage caused by frequent vibration, and greatly improve the NVH performance of the vehicle. The rubber bushings of the mechanism, including the inner sleeve, rubber layer, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and rubber layer, are vulcanized together as a whole, and then the rubber gel is pressed into the outer sleeve through the tooling. After the rubber bushing is pressed into the matching sleeve, there is still space between the hump like protrusions, It is beneficial for the flow deformation of rubber and increases the rubber layer.

On the technical level, on the one hand, the quality stability of metal materials (rigidity/strength/hardness, etc.), the design and production of professional reducing molds, and the various physical properties of rubber materials have been well controlled and verified. On the other hand, it has a complete series of performance testing equipment and a CAS certified cooperative supporting laboratory.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Stabilizer bar bushing

Chassis liner

Product Feature And Application

The function of the swing arm bushing:

1. The use flexibility of bushings is relatively high, and they can play many roles. Generally speaking, bushings are a type of component that protects equipment;

2. The use of bushings can reduce equipment wear, vibration, and noise, and have an anti-corrosion effect;

3. It can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment, simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment;

Automotive bushings have become an indispensable and important component in automobiles due to their good vibration isolation, good elastic properties, and attenuation characteristics. They are usually used in automotive suspension mechanisms. Reasonable design of the structural characteristics of automotive bushings can ensure good operational stability and smoothness of the entire vehicle. The bushings of the lower swing arm for vehicles require the ability to withstand tension, pressure, torsion, and yaw during driving The role of bushings in practical work is closely related to their application environment and purpose.

Product Details

Our current production process: rubber vulcanization+metal coating+electroplating

Conventional rubber material: NR/EPDM

Metal materials: 45 #/20 #/Q355/SAE1008, etc

Surface requirements: galvanized nickel alloy/conventional electrogalvanizing/phosphating+rust prevention!

Product Qualification

Deliver,Shipping And Serving 

Delivery of transportation and services

Transportation method: sea freight, railway, air freight

Packaging method: pallet (plywood or fumigated wood), wooden box+lid+cardboard box+corner protection+PE film

Delivery method: FOB Ningbo or Shanghai

  • plate vulcanization machine

  • rubber injection mould machine

  • 110L black rubber automatic mixing production line

  • 75L Black rubber automatic mixing production line

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